You are reading the paper in the chair by the window.. I am doing the crossword on the sofa.

I look up to see you watching me. “Stand up,” you command.. Startled by your assertiveness I immediately obey. “Take off your clothes.” You watch in silence as I begin to strip. My belly does a slight flip.

Naked and self-conscious I stand there waiting.. unsure what’s to come. My nipples harden under your gaze.

“Get on your hands and knees. Crawl to me.”

My pussy pulses and stirs.. I have no choice but to obey. I get on all fours and slowly crawl across the wood floor stopping and kneeling at your feet. “Unzip my pants and take out Daddy’s cock.” My pussy throbs at the deviance of your demand.

As I take your rock hard cock from your pants you grab a handful of my hair. “Open your mouth, my filthy girl.” And I do.

“Daddy’s going to fuck that pretty face.” Again, your wickedness sends a shock through my belly..

You urge my hungry mouth onto your dick, “Suck.” I close my eyes and milk your cock as my pussy pulses..

You wind your fingers tight in my hair and move me up and down on your cock. “Look at me,” you growl.

I look up and I can feel your pleasure growing as you pound the back of my throat, causing me to gag slightly with each plunge. Spit is running down my chin as I choke on your cock and juice from my cunt slides slowly down my thigh.

“Feed on my cum.” I draw you deeper into my mouth.. Greedy for your earthy cream. My cunt aches, feels electric.

You release a deep howl as you fill my burning, cherry mouth with cum. Red wine and honey.. You order me not to swallow..

You pull my mouth from your sticky, fresh cock and hold my head in your hands. “Show me. Show Daddy what’s in your mouth.”

I open my cinnamon mouth. White, hot cum coats my tongue.. drips out over my lips onto my breasts..

“Close your mouth and eat what’s left.” And I obey, running my tongue along my lips to gather every drop of your salty seed.

You untangle your rough hands from my curls, “That’s my good girl,” you whisper. “Now lay on your back and spread your legs.”

I lie on the floor and allow my knees to fall open before you..offering you my blossoming cunt.

I squirm and whimper with want as you kneel before me, put your hands inside my thighs, push my legs open wider and take a deep breath of my wet, rich scent.

You flatten your tongue and press it against me from my ass to my clitoris. My ass rises from the floor and I cry out with delight, breathing hard.

You continue with long, powerful licks from ass to pussy.. sucking on my rosy lips and rounding my swollen, tender clit. I am inflamed, transported..

Your forceful mouth turns supple and soft.. you slip a finger inside me and then cunt drenched with desire.

I raise my hips to grind myself against your mouth and hand.. my arousal intolerable… sweet torture.

I struggle to catch my breath as a wild wave of fierce need consumes my body. My orgasm is furious and thrilling.. sparks in my veins and my skin on fire.. I am ravenous and pulling at your hair, screaming with unbearable pleasure. Your mouth and your hand move in harmony to my thrashing, twisting body..

My breath comes short.. My pussy highly sensitive and satiated.. My body quivers, shudders. You pull your fingers from my cunt and softly kiss and lick my soaked pussy.

You put one of your fingers in your mouth and suck my wetness from it. You offer the other finger to me and I take it into my mouth, suckling my own juices.. closing my eyes I savor the taste of myself as you run your fingers through my hair.

You rest your head on my breast and lay your leg over mine. I am still out of breath, immobile.

“Need help with the crossword?” you say with a grin..